That Music Magazine » All Roads Lead Home – Nick Perri And Walt Lafty Return To Ardmore Music Hall

There is nothing like the holidays. A time for friends, family and loved ones gather and enjoy the company that sometimes can be hard to obtain as the years go on. Life has a funny way of spreading those that are the closest, the farthest apart in our lives, but there’s always that special time of the year that brings us back together. On a cold, rainy December night (12/22/22), the audience of the Ardmore Music Hall, just outside of Philadelphia, was treated to the reunion of a friendship that

That Music Magazine » Here Comes The Sun : A Journey Into Firefly Festival 2022

It was 2:30 PM on Thursday when we lined up for the gates of our heaven to open. And naturally, it was raining. Not that kind of rain that makes you huddle under cover, though. It’s the kind that washes away any stress and worries you have had in the days leading up to this moment. A cleansing, if you will. A precursor to the weekend that was about to be experienced. That reset you only get once in a blue moon. It’s tough to describe with words. It’s one of those things you have to be “in” to r

That Music Magazine » Industrial Apocalypse -Rammstein Sets Philadelphia Ablaze

The smell of stale beer and sweat cakes the air. It’s the end of summer in the middle of Philadelphia, and the literal hottest band in the world (sorry, KISS) is moments away from taking the stage at The Linc. I am stuffed into the lower level, surrounded by massive, diehard fans, some of whom have traveled worldwide to see them again. The guy next to me just saw them in Canada, not more than a week ago. The fan base is unmatched by any I have seen. It’s hot out, and most are in full leather ja

That Music Magazine » One Night Only – The Struts’ Extravagant Return To Philadelphia

On a cool, late summer evening at the Skyline Stage at the Mann Center, one rock and roll’s hottest spectacles, The Struts, finally returned to one of the many cities they can consider home. This homecoming, however, was different. As the world has been anything but normal the past two years, this show had the feel of old times. The times when going to a concert surrounded by thousands of people was normal. Laughter and happiness could be heard, and the excitement in the air could be felt. It h

That Music Magazine » Old Dogs, New Tricks : Foo Fighters return with 10th LP ‘Medicine At Midnight’

For the past 25 years, the Foo Fighters have been synonymous with pure, unapologetic, rock & roll. Dave Grohl and the boys have carved out their place in not just rock history, but music history as well. One of, if not the greatest, bands of the 21st century. For the most part, you know what to expect from a typical Foo‘s album. There’s a commonality that is essentially their essence. The absolute rippers (Monkey Wrench, All My Life, The Pretender), a few more subdued numbers (Aurora, Walking Af

That Music Magazine » Sputter : The Struts Underwhelm With New Album ‘Strange Days’

Over the past few years, UK glam rock darlings, The Struts, have skyrocketed into the big time here in the United States. Propelled by a sound straight out of the ’70s with a modern twist, they revel in the beauty and glamour of the past, yet feel fresh enough to take us into the future. Their first two albums, Everybody Wants and YOUNG & DANGEROUS, combined the glam of David Bowie, the pure rock and roll of The Rolling Stones, and the larger than life arena sound of Queen. They created what man

That Music Magazine » The Devil Went West: Marilyn Manson’s Reign Continues With WE ARE CHAOS

“We are each our own Devil…and we make this world our Hell.” Effective evolution is arguably the hardest thing to accomplish as a musician. Changing your sound to properly fit the times, fit your ever-progressing mindset…but hell most importantly to keep things fresh and new…is the most challenging aspect in writing new music to an artist that has decades under their belt. But Marilyn Manson has been able to achieve just that. Past all the self-destructive antics, the tabloids, the breakdowns…M

That Music Magazine » Poetic Truth: The Great Enough return with new song, “The Fall”

While The Great Enough’s frontman Bright Kelly is hard at work putting on constant live, at-home concerts in that big white chair of his… the Philadelphia alt-rock darlings return with a brand new tune and music video for their latest song “The Fall.” Comprised of Brian DiBiagio (guitars), John Hoff (drums), Robby Crane (bass), and the aforementioned Bright Kelly (lead vocals and guitars), The Great Enough follow in the footsteps of the great alt-rock bands of the past while paving the way towa

That Music Magazine » He’s Back. Liam Gallagher Returns to Rock n’ Roll Glory With ‘Why Me? Why Not.’

Why Me? Why Not. is the follow up to Liam Gallagher’s wildly successful 2017 solo debut As You Were. Just like his previous outing, Gallagher finds a way to distance himself from the great and mighty Oasis (just enough) and continues to build a new legacy on his own terms, which is exactly the way he likes it. However, this time around, he takes it a step further by incorporating new genres and musical vibes that have never been laid down by the parka wearing renegade before. But make no mistake

That Music Magazine » Streets Of Fire – A Night With Foxtrot & The Get Down, Saint Slumber, and PHNTMS

The passion, the drive, the soul… the bands. It’s our blue-collar atmosphere and style of music that sets us apart from many other markets. It’s about busting your ass to make something of yourself. Literal blood, sweat, and tears. The beautiful thing about this though is that you can feel every step of the journey come out in the songs created here. You can follow bands from the bottom as they rise to the top. This past weekend was a perfect example of that. Foxtrot & The Get Down decided to t

That Music Magazine » New Blood: PHNTMS Release A Tour De Force In “Back Burner”

Alright. I have to admit something right off the bat. I’m in love with this band. There…I said it. A few months ago, I had the distinct pleasure of walking into a show (remember those?) at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, and witnessing an opening act that I can’t describe as anything less than breathtaking. It was one of those moments where you go “holy shit….wow.”. They don’t happen too often anymore. It’s a rare moment in life that sticks with you. (I wrote an article about the entire show whi

That Music Magazine » Summer Heat: Nick Perri & The Underground Thieves come alive with SUN VIA

At long last, the debut of SUN VIA from local legend Nick Perri and his band The Underground Thieves has arrived, bringing with it a newly energized sound that rock and roll so desperately needs. It’s an ode to the greats. The music that shaped and molded all that we hold holy. Perri and The Thieves capture the magic of the past, while also leading it to the future with a newly evolved sound that can only be described with that singular word. We open with the lead single “Feeling Good”. A funky

That Music Magazine » Lullabies From New Jersey – Brian Fallon’s Local Honey

“In this life, there shall be trouble…but you shall overcome.” Truer words have never been spoken at this time of life. A time of uncertainty, a time of unknown. Yet we still have familiar faces and sounds to keep us moving forward through the uncharted darkness. , widely known for his acclaimed work with The Gaslight Anthem, returns and embarks on a solo venture with Local Honey. A collection of subdued yet heart-wrenching songs that captivate from the opening line and keep you held close like