That Music Magazine » A Unique Way of Life -A Conversation with Wolf Alice

Photos taken by Andy DeLuca and Jordan Hemingway For over a decade, the English rock band Wolf Alice has been hypnotizing listeners and audiences alike with their combination of beautiful melodies and rousing musicianship. I have been listening to them for the better part of those years, and their effect on the mind and soul never ceases to feel absolutely electric. So when I had the chance to sit down with them during one of the biggest music festivals in America, Firefly Music Festival, it wa

That Music Magazine » The Legend Continues: The Return of Dobbs on South

The city of Philadelphia, a sprawling, vast embodiment of the music scenes across America, has long been a lighthouse to the artists and bands that travel across these great lands in search of the dream. The dream that all musicians have when they play their first notes. The dream of stardom, the dream of making it., the dream of being a goddamn rockstar. Green Day. Tool. Rage Against The Machine. Pearl Jam. Nirvana. Sunblaze Lane (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). These legendary bands, along w

That Music Magazine » You’re So Fine: A Conversation With Micky James

Imagine, if you will, a time before the current state of the world. An age of wondrous, bombastic live music. Bright lights and thunderous sound. An electrifying feeling of seeing someone pour their heart and soul out on a stage for an hour that you’ll never get back again, yet always want back. You know, the good ol’ days. The last show that I had the pleasure of attending during those said days was documented in this very magazine. Just over a year ago, I was at The Foundry in Philadelphia...

That Music Magazine » Rock And Roll Isn’t A Genre….It’s An Attitude: A Conversation With Nick Perri

”Shit. What do I even ask him?” “How the hell do I interview someone I look up to without sounding like too much of a fanboy?” So, needless to say… I was nervous. That was until I sat down with Perri at a small rock and roll bar in West Chester. The moment we shook hands… that nervousness disappeared. Immediately, it felt we had known each other for years. This wasn’t an interview at all. This was a conversation. This was sitting back over a few drinks (scotch for me… coffee for him) and talk