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Where Does It Start?

It's 3pm on a Saturday, and I'm once again 3-4 deep on a barrage of vodka and tonics like I'm living in Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I've never wrote a blog before. The idea of it seemed so goddamn dumb. "Oh. I'm a blogger. I blog." 

Fuck off. Yet...here I am...doing it. I guess it's a better outlet than a shit Facebook post just searching for some kind of fake gratification. However, with that said, a lot of the people who read my ramblings (like you) are because of that nightmare of a social ground. 

Anyway. Back to the point at hand. Where does it start? Where does life itself start? At birth? Nah that's just creation. At first love? Nah that's just cliche. I'm beginning to believe that we begin....at the end. An overwhelming majority of us do not know or realize who we are until we are past the climax of our story. When we hit the point of realization that most of everything we wanted has already passed us by. We live in a never-ending loop of want...and forget to indulge in the need of now. The need to shut the fuck up and let life take over for awhile. Living.

Why am I ranting about this? Fuck knows. Just happened to be on my mind. But I guess that's the beauty of a blog. Dumb, stupid, nowheres shit. The definition of a blog.